:mod:`html` --- HyperText Markup Language support ================================================= .. module:: html :synopsis: Helpers for manipulating HTML. **Source code:** :source:`Lib/html/__init__.py` -------------- This module defines utilities to manipulate HTML. .. function:: escape(s, quote=True) Convert the characters ``&``, ``<`` and ``>`` in string *s* to HTML-safe sequences. Use this if you need to display text that might contain such characters in HTML. If the optional flag *quote* is true, the characters (``"``) and (``'``) are also translated; this helps for inclusion in an HTML attribute value delimited by quotes, as in ````. .. versionadded:: 3.2 .. function:: unescape(s) Convert all named and numeric character references (e.g. ``>``, ``>``, ``&x3e;``) in the string *s* to the corresponding unicode characters. This function uses the rules defined by the HTML 5 standard for both valid and invalid character references, and the :data:`list of HTML 5 named character references `. .. versionadded:: 3.4 -------------- Submodules in the ``html`` package are: * :mod:`html.parser` -- HTML/XHTML parser with lenient parsing mode * :mod:`html.entities` -- HTML entity definitions